Great experience. My daughter is doing so much better in school. Her homework is easier to complete. Her teacher has noticed a difference in her attention. Highly recommended.

Tammy S.

This treatment was extremely helpful for my 9 year old son who has ADHD. He was able to go down on his medication because of the Neurofeedback . He is on task at school . His homework is easier to do. There is almost no conflict at home about homework anymore . Even his room is more organized. Linda has a kind manner and is very professional and knowledgeable. I recommend Linda and San Diego Neurofeedback

Jeff G.

Great overall experience! The therapy has been very worth while and extremely effective.

Nick P.

linda is super dedicated and positive! the process is really simple and fun and i already felt improvement after the first couple of sessions! i highly recommend it!

Bruna Helena C.

Linda is a compassionate practitioner and her guidance and therapy have been so valuable to my son, aged 10.5, who has ADHD and is doing so much better focusing in school and is able to be so much more mindful and thoughtful generally. I would highly recommend her!

Adrienne P.

Ms. Linda is our hope. My son really like her and always looking forward to visit her. She is such a peaceful person and sympathetic listener. My son’s anxiety has been treated and he is much happier now. I am looking forward to see my son’s future progress. Thank you.

Yuko H.

Linda has been a great support to me over the last year. Through this mode of therapy my focus and concentration have improved immensely. My productivity and performance in my profession have increased as a direct result of consistent neurofeedback sessions. Highly recommended!

Jeremy V.

Linda is great. She has worked with son to help his control his anger/sensory issues. He has been showing so much more restraint, calmness and empathy since he has started seeing her.

Gina M.

I was skeptical about neurofeedback for my lifelong insomnia and migraines, but within a few weeks I was falling asleep easily and staying asleep. Migraines are a rarity rather than a weekly occurrence. The results for me have been long-lasting — 10 years and counting.

Gayle J.

Linda Nerenberg has helped create and has provided consultation for a neurofeedback program at the counseling center at San Diego State University. Over the past two years her knowledge of neurofeedback equipment, protocols to treat various conditions, and neurophysiology has been a tremendous help in the development of our program. She is patient and thorough in her approach to consultation. Neurofeedback is a complex and nuanced intervention and I am not sure we would have gotten it off the ground without her guidance and support.

Martin D.

We are thrilled with the results that our son is getting from this program! He has SCPD and ADHD and prior to seeing Linda he struggled to stay still and focus his mind. We saw results immediately. He is much calmer and can organize his thoughts and feelings now. At school he is making more friends and improving academically. In fact he was recently awarded the school’s highest award for respect, which would never have happened before! Family and friends have also noted a remarkable difference in his behavior. If you are on the fence about doing this program, we recommend that you do it, you won’t regret it!

Susanne M.


L M.

Linda is a very pleasant person to work with. Her positive approach in this process has helped me to feel better. I trust this treatment and I am confident that as the time goes by, it will help me to feel more secure and at ease with the challenges that come my way.

Lisette A.

​I was suffering from progressive PTSD for over 20 years and have tried everything I could to lessen the effects with little to no results until I read a book called “The Body Keeps The Score” ​and came across the benefits of neurofeedback. I decided to give the treatment a shot and called Linda for an appointment and was put on the schedule immediately. I was a little skeptical ​at first ​but after a short time, I began to realize benefits like: Not feeling the buildup of panic while standing in lines at stores or while caught in traffic, and I started feeling a little sharper with my thought prosses. Surprisingly, It wasn’t long before I started to forget I even had PTSD to begin with. This after years of struggling with it daily! Linda has been a true professional and is an expert in the field that I highly recommend to everyone. Give it a try.

Jerry H.