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Linda Nerenberg, MS, LEP, BCN

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From athletes to students and hobbyists, you might be one of the many people looking to improve your sports performance. Neurofeedback therapist and educational psychologist Linda Nerenberg, MS, LEP, BCIA-EEG, provides the revolutionary neurofeedback therapy to boost sports performance by reshaping and training your brain at San Diego Neurofeedback in La Mesa, California. Your brain acts as the motherboard of your body that helps control your functioning and neurofeedback is an excellent way to fine-tune this motherboard for impressive results and enhanced cognition, memory, focus, thought processing, emotional control, and more. Call the office or book online today.

Sports Performance Q & A

What can I do to improve my sports performance?

There are various ways you can improve your sports performance, such as:

  • Living a healthier lifestyle
  • Consuming a healthy balanced diet with lots of beneficial nutrients
  • Exercising frequently and practicing your sport regularly
  • Practicing mindfulness and stress management
  • Improving your sleep quality
  • Taking time to research and learn more about the sports you love and participate in

Enhancing brain functioning and ability is also an excellent way to improve your sports performance. This can be accomplished with neurofeedback — a successful therapy that uses video games and brain wave monitoring.

How does neurofeedback improve sports performance?

Neurofeedback has numerous positive effects on your brain and how your brain functions. Linda monitors your brain waves with electrodes placed on your scalp. You play a video game that reflects your brain wave activity and as your brain waves are in a more positive and beneficial state, you receive a positive response on the game.

Over time, this trains your brain to be able to move to this beneficial state promptly seeking the reward.

Neurofeedback is helpful for sports performance because it can:

  • Sharpen the mind and improve focus and cognition
  • Quicken reactions and thought processes
  • Boost memory capacity
  • Regulate mood and improve emotional control

Neurofeedback can be performed in-office for your convenience. This therapy helps you see the whole picture and fine tunes your abilities and precision. You can also receive internal feedback while you execute your tasks.

How long does neurofeedback take to improve my sports performance?

Neurofeedback therapy usually requires about 20-40 sessions that typically take place twice a week. Each session takes around 30 minutes. Linda treats both teams and individuals, such as gymnastics teams when they have tumbling blocks.

During your initial consultation, Linda can answer your questions, address your concerns, and give you detailed information on neurofeedback, how it works to improve sports performance, and what you can expect when you come into the office for your neurofeedback sessions.

Neurofeedback is becoming more popular in the athletic world to strengthen, sharpen, and boost brain function, resulting in optimal sports performance for the big days when it matters most.

If you have questions or if you'd like to learn more about neurofeedback, book online or call San Diego Neurofeedback today.