Neurofeedback and other effective methods can help you to achieve peak performance and excel at work, school, and other areas of life. At San Diego Neurofeedback in La Mesa, California, neurofeedback therapist and educational psychologist Linda Nerenberg, MS, LEP, BCN, offers the latest advanced neurofeedback technology and works diligently to help you boost your performance and general functioning and wellness.

Peak Performance Q & A

What is peak performance?

Peak performance is a state of optimal functioning and flow. It refers to a moment when seemingly everything falls into place and is going smoothly and you achieve exceptional performance in work, school, or other areas and events of life.

How can neurofeedback help me achieve peak performance?

Neurofeedback helps you or your child retrain the brain for better mood and emotional control in the future. Emotional balance and focus are integral to peak performance in all areas. Neurofeedback trains your brain to function more efficiently, improving emotional stability and mental functioning.

Similar to physical training, Linda uses brain wave training to strengthen specific brain wave patterns. The more you practice activating a specific area of your brain, the more capable and the stronger it becomes.

Linda places electrodes on your scalp and uses a special computer to obtain important information about your brain wave frequencies while you play a video game on a computer screen.

The video game reflects your brain wave activity. While you play the game, you work to change your brain activity level as part of the game, focusing on promoting certain beneficial frequencies. Over time, you can reshape and improve brain activity.

Neurofeedback therapy usually involves about 20-40 sessions that take place twice a week. Each session takes around 30 minutes.

Surgeons can utilize neurofeedback to improve concentration and corporate business executives can use it to increase leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and time management.

Athletes choose this therapy to boost sports performance; musicians and actors use it to enhance confidence and focus on screen and stage, and others use it as a mental guide to enhancing coping mechanisms and mindfulness.

What are the benefits of neurofeedback?

Linda offers neurofeedback due to the many benefits, such as:

  • Improving performance
  • Boosting memory capacity
  • Quickening reactions and thought processes
  • Regulating mood
  • Sharpening the mind and improving cognition and focus

Neurofeedback is convenient and can be performed in-office. It doesn’t involve the use of pharmaceuticals that can come along with unwanted risks or side effects.

Neurofeedback helps each person be the best they can be. If you’re interested in finding out how neurofeedback therapy can help you optimize your performance, click here to book online.