Back to School and Neurofeedback

It’s back to school time and the honeymoon phase of the new school year may be over. Old habits and problems are starting to pop up and parents , students and teachers are all working hard for academic success Sometimes extra help may be the answer, sometimes more structure. Maybe an IEP, or possibly medication may help. Often times parents tell me they have tried everything and that’s why they come to Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback can help with the actual learning problem or attention difficulty by regulating a persons brainwaves through an EEG, and video exercises. Neurofeedback can help with the flexibility of the brainwaves to help a person get out of a stuck pattern and help a student get through learning obstacles. These obstacles can get in the way of peak performance in many areas including attention , focus and learning problems. For more information about Neurofeedback call San Diego Neurofeedback at 619-813-8655. Or, go to

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